New For You

New Properties For You To Rent

New Properties available for your next Beach Vacation

When we go on vacation, we are looking to refresh our minds and our bodies. Some may want new sights, others new sounds, and many want a relaxing space to unwind. Sloane Vacations understands this need and strives to provide new experiences for you and your family. Our large inventory provides guests with the choices travelers are looking for. Check out some of these new arrivals to the Sloane Vacations family.

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Wade Into Paradise!

Vacation Rentals with Pools

Ocean Isle Beach & Sunset Beach Resorts & Homes with Pools

Plan a vacation away where the main event is the beach strand or the links… then after a busy day sit back and relax… poolside. Beat the heat and practice that cannonball – let’s soak up the sunshine!
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Small Rentals with Big Amenities

Oceanfront Condo Rentals in Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach

Condo Rentals in Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach

When it’s time for your vacation, your plans may include laying out on the beach, sitting poolside, strolling the local shops, and enjoying some sightseeing. Maybe it’s just you and your favorite book looking for an island getaway – or you and a plus 1? If so, the last thing on your checklist is a large vacation rental that you will only spend enough time in to lay your head after a day of fun. All you need is a comfortable property that offers convenience to all the attractions you want to indulge in and enough room just a select few. No worries my friend…Sloane Vacation Realty has you covered.
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Relax Easier, Travel Insurance Has You Covered

You planned this vacation for months. Your calendar is filled with “X-marks” as you’ve been counting down to this moment. Mentally your mind has been on vacation since you booked that gorgeous island home. You just purchased a new swimsuit – perfect for the pool and the beach! Everything has come to this moment. That is until you check the weather once more just to see a hurricane has been named. Don’t worry, you purchased Travel Insurance.

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Make It A Day Trip

Most people hit the beach when they visit Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach. Soaking up the sun and jumping through the Atlantic Ocean waves. Sure, you can spend your vacation listening to the ocean, but did you know that there is so much to do that surrounds your vacation destination? Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach is not only a prime Beach location, but also a great hub to reach some of the major attractions that make the southern east coast the ultimate vacation package.
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#BookDirect…Why Should I?


February 3rd is right around the corner and with it brings the annual #BookDirect day. Similar to #ShopSmallBusiness day and #ShopLocal, the goal of #BookDirect day is to stimulate the local economy and provide quality products to the consumer. In this case, the products are vacation homes and condos and the consumer…well, is you.
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