Posted on 10/31/2021

5 Big Reasons to Have Thanksgiving at the Beach

Thanksgiving on the Beach

Each year families come together to feast, relive stories of the past, and reconnect as family and friends. While larger gatherings may be put on hold this year, Thanksgiving will still be celebrated! Why not make this holiday one to remember and change up the scenery.

This year, make the holiday more about the gathering instead of the tasks and stress. Bring the family to the beach and welcome everyone to a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Here are 5 BIG reasons why you should have Thanksgiving at the Beach.

1. No Pre-Arrival Rush to Clean the House

Stressed About Cleaning

When you plan a Destination Thanksgiving Holiday, your vacation rental comes ready for you and your guests. You can select from large homes that accommodate the entire crew to smaller, more intimate settings. We have homes with accommodations for 4-20, duplexes that offer side by side homes and condos that offer individual units allowing extended families to each have their own private space. The choice is yours!

Leaving the pregame clean to the professionals allows you to go out and enjoy some island fun. Take a quiet walk along the beach, read a book and listen to the waves - it√Ęs up to you! Sloane Vacations even offers new CDC cleaning guidelines that they follow to ensure that all guests are safe and comfortable.

2. Cater It, Dine Out, or Be The Chef

Private Chef

The choice is really up to you on how the Thanksgiving meal is served. Restaurants in Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach offer plenty of options for your Thanksgiving meal - whether you choose to dine in, have your meal catered or even cook it yourself. Sloane Vacations offers many homes with gourmet kitchens that the cook in your family will be delighted to work in!

3. Cost Effective and Comfortable Too

Oceanfront Home

When you rent a vacation home you can select from 1 to 9 bedroom homes or condos that provide comfort, space, and (more importantly) places for you to escape to when the argument of which football is better raises above a volume of 11. Why not select a home with an ocean view, grab a seat on the porch - and relax while you try to convince yourself that it wasn't a big deal that you had two (or was it three) pieces of pie. Maybe one with a heated pool so you could do some laps to really build up a hunger before digging into those leftovers.

Get everything you want for your family and guests without having to break the bank. During the "offseason", most vacation rental companies offer discounts or reduced rates. So upgrading from a hotel to a larger beachfront home can now be part of your Destination Thanksgiving Holiday.

4. The Beach Weather

There is nothing better than the open space of the North Carolina coast. Take that family football game from your backyard and bring it to the beach. Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach offer cool temperatures with the fear of snow or frigid weather that places to the north would provide.

Just imagine being able to comfortably walk off that second helping of pie on the beach. Waves lapping on the shore as you and your family take in the sea air. Play fetch with your dog as they run free in the sand. (Oh, did I not mention that Sloane Vacations offer plenty of Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals).

5. Come Home Refreshed and Without Having to Clean it

Once the holiday draws to a conclusion; instead of pushing everyone out the front, back, or side door, take comfort knowing that everyone will go their own way and you will be able to return to your own home without having to clean up after everyone. An extra bonus - if you rent one of our Blue Linen homes, the sheets and towels are our responsibility - make that one less thing to worry about!

With a vacation rental, you pick up what you need to, pack up, and then head out. Relax and sit back on your drive home knowing that a professional group of housekeepers will ensure that the home is ready for the next guest, without you having to do anything extra.

Make A New Holiday Tradition

This year, enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and leave the stress to someone else. Bring the family to Ocean Isle Beach and see how Sloane Vacations can help make this a new Destination Thanksgiving Holiday tradition for everyone.

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