5 Tips to Remember When Booking Vacation Rentals

When you’re ready to start planning that much needed off-season vacation to the North Carolina coast, consider staying with us at Sloane Vacations. Here we present 5 tips to remember when booking vacation rentals and doing so with us will be more than helpful to you. The money you save and the privacy you’ll enjoy will change your vacation expectations forever!

An Ocean Isle Beach Vacation scene

We have some things for you to keep in mind to ensure you get the type of vacation accommodations that you want. Enjoy knowing there won’t be any tiny hotel rooms or bumping into strangers in the hallway at night.

Our Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach vacation rentals are the best and we prove it to you when you stay with us.

Following are 5 money-saving tips that will help you to have the best vacation of the year – no matter what time of year you come!

  1. Make Your Reservations Early

    The longer you wait to reserve your vacation rental the higher the risk of having to settle for less than ideally what you want. Do you have your heart set on arriving on a certain date? Then make your reservations early!

  2. Check the Weather Forecast

    What is the weather forecasted to be like during your visit? In tropical locations the rainy season may have warm and sunny days with pop-up showers in the late afternoon. One benefit of traveling early or later in the season is that the weather is more temperate.

  3. Do Your Research

    How big are the rooms? Are housekeeping services included or are they extra? Does the price include taxes? Are pets allowed? Don’t rely on photos alone. When in doubt, ask and be sure to check out their Rental Policies as well.

  4. Use The Online Resources Provided

    Be sure to look at photos of the vacation rental online. Read testimonials posted by previous guests. Do a Google search. There are many online resources you can take advantage of.

  5. Trust Your Gut

    Are you not "clicking" with the homeowner or rental agent? Are you getting vague answers to your questions?

At Sloane Vacations we listen to what you say when you tell us about your ideal accommodations and we work hard to give you what you want. We are knowledgeable about both our rentals and the Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach areas and are happy to share that information with you.

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