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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach – Budget Friendly Things to do on your Family Beach Trip

Free Things To Do At Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach, NC

It’s officially SUMMERTIME and the beaches on Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach are the perfect place with plenty of space for you and your family to visit. But entertainment can be expensive! Luckily with miles and miles of beautiful beaches – there’s plenty of free spots to claim as your own “home away from home” for the day…but when you’ve washed off the sand and sunscreen – what other free activities are out there for your group? Here are some great ideas located both on the island and off the island. Check out these events below and start making plans for your next vacation to Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach.


Ocean Isle Beach Seat Turtle Protection Organization


Summer Market on Ocean Isle

Art in the Park - Crafts for Kids

Calabash Concert Series


Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Young Explorers

Movie in the Park

Sunset Sound Waves Summer Concert Series


Learn to Line Dance

Sunset Beach Old Bridge Preservation Society History Walks

Sunset Summer Market


Peggy Hughes Summer Concert Series

When you’re ready to break away from the beach – enjoy some of these budget friendly ideas. Make memories, have more fun, and fill your trip with new experiences. Book your Vacation Home, Condo, or your Oceanfront Hotel Room stay today and start planning the best vacation ever!

Make It A Day Trip

Most people hit the beach when they visit Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach. Soaking up the sun and jumping through the Atlantic Ocean waves. Sure, you can spend your vacation listening to the ocean, but did you know that there is so much to do that surrounds your vacation destination? Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach is not only a prime Beach location, but also a great hub to reach some of the major attractions that make the southern east coast the ultimate vacation package.

Catch More Than Waves

Instead of hanging out on the shore, why not spend the day on the water. Take the family or make time for yourself, and book a fishing charter. The battle between person and beast awaits your cast. Head off to the horizon or venture close to shore and catch your prize.

Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Charters

Take this vacation opportunity to bond with the kids as they catch their first fish, or take them dolphin watching. Spend this time creating memories that will last, and photos to brag with during your next watercooler visit.

Adventure into History

Why not travel into the past during your next visit to OIB or SB and visit one of the many historical landmarks. Stroll the paths of Old Baldy, the state’s oldest remaining lighthouse, or go back to colonial times with a day at Brunswick Town. There is always Fort Fisher Civil War Museum or you can take the short drive to Wilmington to tour the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial.

USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial

Not that much into history, but still looking to satisfy that search for extended knowledge? Check out the North Carolina Birding Trail or the Museum of Coastal Carolina. Explore all the opportunities on our Nature, Museum, and Parks page.

Expand Your Vacation Options

A vacation to OIB or SB doesn’t have to be restricted to just this portion of the NC coastline. The best thing about a vacation here is that you are just a short drive to popular shopping, attractions, and dining destinations. Even though the Beaches host some amazing local options, who doesn’t like more?

Just a short distance south is the tourist capital of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. Take in 18 holes in one of their many famous courses. You can even make it a mini 18 holes with some time on one of the hundreds of mini-golf courses that spread from North Myrtle Beach to Murrells Inlet.

Myrtle Beach Mini Golf

Need to spend time with some retail therapy? How about a trip to one of the several outlets and malls that make up the retail market of Myrtle Beach? From name brand stores to local shops, there is so much to see and purchase.

Retail Therapy

Don’t forget about Wilmington. This historic harbour hub is the home to many local shops and restaurants. Spend the day with a premium coffee as you stroll their boardwalk that sits right on the water.

Wilmington, NC Boardwalk

Start planning your day with the assistance of our Day Trip planner.

Do More During your Vacation

150E1 – Oceanfront House – Ocean Isle Beach

Get excited because when you book a vacation to Ocean Isle Beach or Sunset Beach, you are getting more than just an amazing beach view and a perfect Oceanfront Rental. You have so many options to make your vacation the ultimate vacation. Make room on your phone for all the photos you are about to take, and get ready to make 2021 the Best Vacation Ever!

The Ultimate Field Trip

The New Home Schooling

The summer is over and now families are facing a new “normal” as everyone heads into the school year. With most families becoming more involved with online school and “virtual” schooling, the need to keep things fresh and interesting is vital.

What if there was a way the family could experience a change of scenery while still promoting a healthy learning environment? Hmmm…what could provide a variety of learning possibilities, an escape from the home, and a way to bond with the family? How about the ultimate field trip!


Why not bring the family to Ocean Isle Beach or Sunset Beach, NC? Both areas provide an abundance of learning possibilities and when the “school” day is over, you can all relax on the white, sandy North Carolina beach. Refresh the young minds of your kids while enjoying a new view with breath-taking oceanfront homes.

Things to do in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Introduce a new Biology course filled with natural wonder that will keep the kids mesmerized with a hike on surrounding natural trails. Need a History lesson? Check out the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial, Fort Fisher Civil War Museum, or Fort Anderson. There are plenty of natural parks to enhance your learning experience with actual history, nature, and art.

Things to do in Sunset Beach, NC

Need more ideas for the ultimate field trip? Check out the Things To Do page. Sloane Vacations does not only provide quality vacation rentals, but they thrive to give each guest and their family the best vacation possible. This is why we continue to add new adventures to our Day Trips and Nature, Museums, and Parks pages.

And don’t worry about your furry family members. We offer hundreds of Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals close to all the local museums, dining, shopping, and the beach.

Make learning fun this fall and winter. Give your family the vacation they deserve while giving your kids the education they yearn for.

What To Do When You’ve Had Too Much Sun

Sunburn at the beach

Sunburn at the beach

Too much Sun?

Just about everyone loves the ocean and the beach.

What’s not to love, right? The water and waves, the miles of beachfront, and the scent of saltwater in the air that can only be found at the beach. Many dream of this all year long and look forward to an annual vacation to the coast.

At Sloane Vacations, we look forward to your return every year.

But how many really prepare for spending so much time in the sun? Sadly, not many, and they pay the price once they’re here by overdoing their sun exposure.

What is a Sunburn?

Technically, a Sunburn is a radiation burn of the skin, caused by over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation (usually coming from the Sun).

How can you tell when you’re had too much sun? Even short term overexposure can cause burning of your skin. The skin becomes red, hot and very painful. After a few days, the skin may peel. Take a cool shower or bath to help with the pain and try after-sun lotions. For a severe sunburn or blisters, see a doctor immediately.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs when your internal temperature reaches 104 degrees F or more. You may feel sick, sweat excessively, have a headache, and feel faint. The body becomes dehydrated. If you suspect heat exhaustion, move into the shade and drink plenty of non-alcoholic cool fluids. You should be able to recover from heat exhaustion within 30 minutes.

Advanced heat exhaustion turns into heatstroke.

Heat Stroke

Symptoms of heatstroke include vomiting, confusion, hyperventilation and loss of consciousness. Heatstroke is a medial emergency and you should dial 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

People of all ages should protect their skin from the sun. Eight out of 10 skin cancers are caused by repeated excessive exposure to the sun. Skin cells that are damaged are at greater risk of becoming abnormal and cancerous. It is even more important to protect children from the sun. The amount of sun exposure during childhood is thought to increase the risk of sin cancer as an adult.


Here’s a few tips to have fun in the sun, without the worry of these scary situations.

  • Cover up and avoid too much ditect sun.
  • Use sunscreen and definitely avoid the sun when it’s at its hottest during midday.
  • Keep children covered with hats, neck protectors and long sleeves.
  • Consider taking them to the beach early in the day or later, such as after dinner.

If you want to really play it safe, get a bit of sun during your daytrips around the area, check out our listing of fun Things to Do in Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

Benefits of the Sun

There are the benefits of sunshine too, though.

Sunlight improves our overall sense of well-being and makes us happier. It encourages the production of Serotonin, known as the happy hormone.

Enjoy spending time in the sun when it’s not strong and limit your time in it.

We want you to enjoy the beach and the sun, but please keep yourself safe!