#BookDirect…Why Should I?


February 3rd is right around the corner and with it brings the annual #BookDirect day. Similar to #ShopSmallBusiness day and #ShopLocal, the goal of #BookDirect day is to stimulate the local economy and provide quality products to the consumer. In this case, the products are vacation homes and condos and the consumer…well, is you.

But why should you book directly with a vacation rental company? What is the point of doing this when there are so many Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) out there that could make it easier to find vacation deals? The answer is actually more simple than you would think. You actually get more when you book directly with a local company.

Customer Service with #BookDirect

When you book directly with a local company you are not only booking a vacation rental, but you are also partnering up with a local business that is there to directly handle any customer service needs you may have. When you book with an OTA, your customer service contact may be states away or even in a different country.

If something is wrong with your vacation home or condo, do you really want to deal with someone that has to rely on calling in subcontracted managers or contractors? Leaving you and your family out in the car, waiting on the connections to be made from customer service to the vendor back to you and then, hopefully, out to your location. By booking directly with a local company, you will have someone close by that could get you serviced quicker and easier. All of this to allow you maximum time on your vacation and not waiting for it to begin.

Savings with #BookDirect

When you book directThe main goal with booking directly with a vacation company that is not an OTA is the opportunity to save on several “hidden” fees. Local vacation companies do not have to charge miscellaneous fees to cover extra, 3rd party costs, which bites into your vacation budget. Local companies want you to do more, experience more, and vacation better. Why waste your budget on items that do not help you have a better vacation?

Local Benefits of #BookDirect

If anything could be a benefit of booking directly with a local vacation company, it would be knowing that we live here all year around. We know the hidden secrets and the places to go that are not one the typical “map”. Booking a trip designed by an OTA would not give you the same ultimate experience of booking with a local company that knows the area better than must locals.

This year try something new and #BookDirect. Let us show you all the advantages and open you and your family up to the most memorable and greatest vacation you can possibly have.

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