Change Your View of Online School and Working From Home

School has started and most families are participating in the new, online “classroom”. Your house may look different now with the living room, or kitchen…maybe even a bedroom having been turned into a classroom complete with computers and Zoom class meetings. Your peaceful home has become a work/study place, a communications center, the cafeteria and a study room!

You may also be juggling your home as your new office. With more and more people working from home, meetings have turned into Business-Wear on top, Casual-Wear on bottom and conference calls find you juggling new games called “how long you can host a meeting before the dog barks”, or “can you get through one investment pitch before your kids comes in and ask you to explain the “new math” to them”.

Bring the Classroom or Office to the Beach

classroom on the beach

While most everyone with school-aged children are experiencing similar problems – noone has said that you cannot change your view and take that classroom and office meeting to the beach!

10 Ways to Change Your View:

  1. Change your altitude….that’s right – a change to sea level just might help
  2. Visit Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC offer several local Natural Trails, Museums, and Historical Sites to explore, learn from, and (even more importantly) to get out of the house for. (Learn more here)
  3. Take your computer outside and let the fresh air revitalize your mind.
    1. As the temperatures start to go down, the fresh, outside air is great to inspire the senses.
  4. Take breaks when you can –
    1. Take a walk, lay outside, or just sit outside and close your eyes. This is a great way to “reboot” your mind in order to tackle the rest of the day.
  5. Rest, Relax, and Work on The Beach

    Working on the Beach

    It is completely understandable that your current situation may not allow you to participate in some of these tips. That is where a vacation could help. Visit someplace close that offers open spaces, plenty of “field trip” opportunities, and at the end of the day, allows you to relax and unwind.

    A Beach Field Trip Like No Other

    Beach Field Trip Little boy searching with binoculars at the beach dressed as explorer concept for nature, discovery, exploring and education[/caption]

    Check out Ocean Isle Beach or Sunset Beach, NC. Sloane Realty offers hundreds of rentals that offer a new, fresh view for your students to learn in. Explore the local nature trails and museums. Then take a break on the beach or in your own private pool.

    However you handle this new “normal”, make sure you stay patient and continue to look for new ways to enjoy the situation.

    (Sloane Vacation Rentals offer FREE WiFi in all Rentals to accommodate online work and schoolwork)

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