Enjoy a Different Type of Vacation Rental

The Colony II at Oyster Bay

Experience another kind of vacation rental – One without the hassles of checking into hotels!

Enjoy your own backyard and living spaces without strangers milling about. Sunset Beach, NC condo rentals are some wonderful condos that are rented out to vacationers.

There are many luxurious condominiums in which to spend your time in the beautiful coastal North Carolina area… And in style.

These condos are fully equipped and furnished for your comfort. Of course prices depend on location, the size of the property, and the number of people it can accommodate but check on our website for current rates.

Condo Rentals in Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Many stunning rentals are located right on the beach, so you can get your tan right in your "backyard." Others are located more inland. If you love nature, there are condos you can rent located along the marshes and canals where you’ll discover an abundance of wildlife.

If part of your itinerary is to check out some of the many Things to do in Sunset Beach, then be sure to rent a car for your convenience. You’ll be halfway between Wilmington, NC, to the north and Myrtle Beach, SC, to the south. Both are serious hotspots of activity.

Before booking a condo rental, be sure you understand the limitations and guidelines set by the owner.

There are owners who prohibit smoking inside, for example. Some condos are pet-friendly while others are not. There are also owners who forbid over a certain number of people because they don’t want parties being held on the property. Better to know these details now than pay extra later for overlooking them.

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