How To Pack Lighter For Your Vacation

Whoever called suitcases luggage knew what it was like to take way more than you need when traveling. Luggage is aptly named for lugging around enormous bags filled with too much stuff, half of which may never come out of the suitcase! With baggage loss at an all-time high and fees for checked luggage climbing faster than the price of oil, it pays to know how to pack lighter.

When you’re planning your vacation to North Carolina, Sloane Vacations can provide you with a super comfortable place to stay, but it’s up to you to do your own packing.

Keep the following things in mind and traveling to the coast on your next vacation won’t cost you a ton in overage charges for luggage!

The Bags

Luggage or Baggage on Wheels

Many travelers won’t check their luggage no matter what. But if you plan it out well, it’s fine. Compact bags on wheels are convenient especially if you don’t have a lot of things to bring. Larger, soft-sided bags on wheels will hold a ton of clothing plus be easier to move around the airport. Chances are you won’t be able to carry-on the larger bag but you will the smaller, compact bag. Hard exterior suitcases that lock are good if you’re checking your luggage and want to keep things safe from breakage and/or theft.

Even when you’re checking your luggage, be sure to bring a carry on and put at least one complete change of clothes in the bag in case the rest of your luggage gets lost or temporarily misplaced. In this bag can also be put your laptop, headphones, a book, and any critical documents you need to have with you. Check with your carrier to see what the restrictions are for carry-on luggage.

The Basics

Carry-on Travel items laid out

Experts recommend laying out your clothing a few weeks before your trip, adding and subtracting as needed. If you travel frequently it’s helpful to keep an arsenal of comfy clothes to travel with that look good on the go and are work appropriate (if it’s work related travel). Try to bring clothing and shoes that can do double duty for you. Shoes that are great for a corporate meeting and equally good for walking or hiking.

The Extras

Colorful cosmetics bag

Don’t forget to carry on your necessary medications, as well as little helpers like aspirin, Tylenol or Pepto-Bismol. Keep in mind you can always pick up what you need at a drug store. A stash of antibacterial wipes and small travel packages of tissues come in handy on the trip. As do pocket cash for tipping and buying small purchases like coffee or water on the go.

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