Sunset Beach Is As Beautiful As Its Name

Sunset Beach, North Carolina, is just as beautiful as the name would lead you to believe. Just as beautiful as the sunsets from there are also the sunrises. This beach runs east-west from the coast along North Carolina treating us to daily sunrises and sunsets. It’s truly a beautiful place to live and to visit.

If you’re planning a trip here and are looking for Sunset Beach NC accommodations give us a call at Sloane Vacations and we can help you find the ideal Sunset Beach NC accommodations where you and your family can stay . We have accommodations where you’ll have everything you want to make your trip enjoyable. Where the amenities are sure to keep the family comfortable and the kids occupied.

Sometimes though, it’s not enough to have the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean and the miles of beach frontage here. That’s why there are plenty of other activities in the area to experience. If it’s golf you’re after there are 10 different courses in the close vicinity and over 100 more in nearby Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

There are also fishing charters here that would be happy to take you out on a half or full day of fishing and they supply all the tackle! Or how about finally trying out a rented jet ski and ride it in the IntraCoastal Waterway with or without a guide. Or entertain your friends on your own rented pontoon boat for the day while relaxing in the sun. There’s just so much to do around Sunset Beach we know you’re going to love it here.

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