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Posted on 10/20/2015

How To Pack Lighter For Your Vacation

Whoever called suitcases luggage knew what it was like to take way more than you need when traveling. Luggage is aptly named for lugging around enormous bags filled with too much stuff, half of which may never come out of the suitcase! With baggage loss at an all-time high and fees for checked

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Posted on 7/31/2014

What You Should Know About Rip Currents

You may have experienced a rip current (or rip tide as theyâre also called) as a child without ever knowing exactly what it was. All you really remember is the current pulling you out to sea when, in the distance, you heard the lifeguardâs whistle and they directed you to go to the left or...

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Posted on 10/8/2012

Vacationing With Your Pets

More people than ever have decided to incorporate a pet into their family. Pets have come to define us and motivate us. They expand who we are more than ever and change us for the good. Pets are used to teach our children about responsibility as well as unconditional love. So we understand that you

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