Relax Easier, Travel Insurance Has You Covered

You planned this vacation for months. Your calendar is filled with “X-marks” as you’ve been counting down to this moment. Mentally your mind has been on vacation since you booked that gorgeous island home. You just purchased a new swimsuit – perfect for the pool and the beach! Everything has come to this moment. That is until you check the weather once more just to see a hurricane has been named. Don’t worry, you purchased Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance Covers You

Travel Insurance Has You Covered

Sloane Vacations offers the option to purchase travel insurance through the Red Sky Travel Insurance Company so you don’t have to worry about losing your money if something out of your hands comes up. With their Trip Preserver Travel Plan you don’t have to have that additional stress before your vacation. Instead of constantly watching the news or weather channel, you can focus on that amazing seafood that you will be experiencing from Jinks Creek Waterfront Grille.

What Does Travel Insurance Actually Cover?

Each policy is different, but most cover the standard situations that every traveler could face. Transportation delay that is out of your hands (flight changes), or if someone in your family becomes sick to the point that a physician is necessary. Travel Insurance could also cover the following:

  • Natural Disasters to your vacation destination or vacation rental
  • Personally illness that requests a physician
  • Travel Plans Disrupted
  • Jury Duty

Vacation Planning Should Be Fun, Not Stressful

Jumping on the Beach

When you are planning your next vacation, don’t allow the events that are out of your hands to be the cause of additional stress. Purchase travel insurance and focus on all the fun you and your family are going to have. Book your Vacation Rental, plan on the adventures, map out the shops, restaurants, and attractions you want to visit, and start packing your bags. Don’t let the unfortunate ruin your vacation dreams.

*For a complete description of coverage and benefits, please contact (866) 889-7409.*

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