Things to do in Sunset Beach NC

Sunset Beach is the state's southernmost beach and neighbor to Ocean Isle Beach. Sunset Beach received its name from the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen from the island because of its southern exposure. Oceanfront homes are set back away from the Sunset's broad, 3 mile long shoreline. Visitors often comment on the quality of the sand which is a beautiful powdery-white. The island has a home-like feel and quiet surroundings but there is still plenty to see and do. The center is dotted with a couple of shops, a convenient island market and deli, and a beach gear, bikes and kayak rentals shop. Kayak tours can be scheduled at the island's Cooters Creek. Another unique feature of the island is the bird sanctuary known as Bird Island, an undeveloped and secluded area that is now attached to Sunset Beach.

Come visit the Brunswick Islands and create unforgettable memories while enjoying a sense of pure relaxation. Sunset Beach is a readily accessible island that can provide you with an easy trip to paradise.

Sunset Beach Map